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Our small but very big-hearted Domicillary Agency is growing faster than ever as one of the best care organisations in Reepham. We provide excellent person centered care to our elderly local community and take pride that our team cares for our clients as they would care for their loved ones.

Why join our Team?

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We all have families and promote work life balance. We also work very hard (as a team) to allow you to fit your working hours around your life and childcare needs.

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We appreciate that weekends are precious (especially if you have a family) so we offer enhanced weekend pay and all take turns working weekends.

We also understand that Bank Holiday's are special too so all staff are paid at double rate (per hour). No members of staff are expected to miss their children / grandchildren unwrap their Christmas gifts on Christmas Day!



Within our small team, we all value, support and care for one another. The Registered Manager (Carolyn) and senior (Danni) are included on the rota system and are always available to support you. We appreciate how challenging the role can be, especially in these times. We ask that all staff attend regular one to ones so we can ensure that everyone is happy.



We are a new and growing care provider with lots of potential to expand, so come and grow with us!

We offer free training with accredited external providers and will support you to maximise your true potential.



We do not want to waste most of our day in a car and therefore only agree to support clients in Reepham, Cawston, Lenwade and Lyng. Those stressful days of driving all over the county with a couple of minutes travel time can now be long forgotten!

Current Vacancies

Senior Care Assistant / Care Co-Ordinator Team Leader 

Our amazing and friendly care team is growing bigger than ever and we are now looking for a Senior Care Assistant / Care Coordinator to join us. This role is the perfect career steppingstone from a care assistant role! We are keen to recruit someone with the right values and behaviours who can help us ensure our workplace values are at the heart of everything we do – we would prefer someone who shares our values who are kind compassionate and want to make a difference to the quality of life than a qualification! Our Values include: • having trust, respect and enjoy working closely with everyone in your team • treating our clients, their families and friends with support and compassion • showing dignity and respect to the people that you work with • a commitment to quality and being the best, you can be Do you share these values? If so, read on… This role is a a mixed role and no day will be the same as the next! As a Senior Care Assistant / Care Coordinator, you will support and have a outstanding working relationship with all clients. You will be on the rota to support our clients but will also oversee the development and implementation of care plans. Our care plans are designed to provide meaningful choice and support to those in need of care and support, so they can access services to help them lead the life they want. We are looking for someone who will install a culture of continuous improvement for our clients and the team. The ideal candidate will: • Participate in care on a routine basis • Support the Registered Manager / Office Manager with care package assessments • Ensure all Health and Safety standards are fully met from conducting and documenting risk assessments • Write excellent person centered care plans • Update digital / paper records care plans monthly / as and when required ensuring that they are clear and accurate • Improve and maintain the continuity of care for new and existing care packages • Effectively plan, grow and manage the team and the service to achieve the highest possible standards and quality of service delivery • Follow the Data Protection Act, GDPR and support management with the DSPT (Data Security Protection Toolkit). • Manage time effectively, prioritise workloads, plan ahead and achieve deadlines as necessary. • Liaise with various external professionals and commissioning authorities to ensure that the care needs of new and existing clients are met • Assist with HR management including recruitment, training, performance management, group supervisions, spot checks etc. • Attend and positively contribute to monthly team meetings and governor meetings • Strong customer service skills to effectively communicate between the team, the clients and their family / friends • Be familiar with and to implement the Company’s policies and procedures and all legislative and regulatory requirements relating to the activities of the Company. You will also be able to learn with us how to develop staff, alongside leadership abilities, excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You will also have a minimum of 1-year experience within the Health & Social Care sector (home care / care home assistant etc). If you have the right values for Heart Home Care Agency, you will be supported by a programme of continuous training and development. If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, or to find out more, please get in touch!

What our staff say about us

What our current and past staff 
say about us...


Heart to Heart Home Care Agency …. what can I say,  I started at Heart to Heart in May 2021, as soon as I met Carolyn and Emily, I felt so welcomed and I instantly became part of their team which is more a family. 


It was my first job experience since I moved to the UK and it has been the best by far, I am a mum of a nearly 3 year old boy and the agency was so lovely to work around a good schedule for me so that I could have a good balanced family life alongside work. It did not matter the fact that I don’t drive, as the clients are local and was able to get to my visits biking or even walking. 


I didn’t have any profesional experience within the caring jobs and I was able to have amazing training and also so much support from my team mates Danni, Hazel, Jo , Carolyn and Emily, with a team like them you’ll never feel alone. Like I mentioned before, the team and the clients are all a big family and even though unfortunately for personal reasons had to leave them I am still part of their family and miss them all so much. 

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